Plans are already being finalized for the 2012 edition of "The Rumble" located in the lower level of the Fort Wayne Coliseum beginning with preliminaries on Thursday
December 27 before proceeding with race action on both Friday the 28th and Saturday December 29th. Opening night is mainly for registrations, inspections and a practice
session from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. while complete race programs including time trials and heats fill the Friday and Saturday night cards. While the program has been trimmed
a little from previous years I can't begin to go into all the different classes of small cars who compete over the weekend, from go carts to quarter midgets, all the way up to the
featured Midgets. I can however testify every division is highly entertaining on this 1/6 th mile indoor concrete layout and the program is run at an extremely rapid pace.
The 3 1/2 hour drive from my base location of Wayne County Speedway is pleasant along a flat, straight, and smooth Lincoln Highway broken up by great scenery and a half way
stop for fuel and bite to eat and although you miss a little under card action an arrival time around 6 or 7 in the evening is just fine. On the other end of the night even as 300 small
race cars fill the night with intense action the final laps wind down around midnight and we're out the door and destined for a long ride home with only great stories and good friends
to keep you alert for the long ride home.

The Coliseum couldn't be easier to find as Highway 30 runs right into Rt 930 a few miles East of Fort Wayne, a little city traffic and four lane all the way. It does cost a few bucks
to park but it's a short walk to the doors. The city of Fort Wayne welcomes the racers and fans to this event and nearby hotels offer rooms at
great rates, stay at the Motel for only
$32 while top of the line Marriott Hotel begins at $69 a night. Reserved seats to the races are priced at $22.50 a night or $41 for both nights. General admission is $19.50 / $35.00
and there isn't a bad seat in the house. A few years ago I drove out by myself and saw the final race for Mel Kenyon while the following year Blaine Aber went along and we were
treated with special attention by the Hooters girls. Last year Matt Aber joined in on this race and this year eleven of us piled into a big van and all vow to return for the 2012 Rumble.

The way this weekend falls in 2012 I plan on taking in both nights of racing, as do several others and really make this an end of the year racing party to remember. Friday and Saturday
race nights with New Years Eve at home on Sunday. New Years Day follows on Monday and thank goodness a holiday from work to recuperate. One night or both, if you are interested
in checking out some indoor racing be sure to let me know, I can help arrange group reserved tickets so we can sit together and possibly get a discount on the tickets. I know it isn't dirt
and the only dented fenders your going to see is in the parking lot but there is no better way to end the year than with a good race and it would be great to have you along.
Hope to see you for the 2012 "Rumble in Fort Wayne"



Top Photo Bar: Deano Lennon driving the former Mel Kenyon #61. The # 78 driven by Brandon Knupp. Chris Nuenschwander in the #3. Tim Neal looking sharp in the #19
Large Photo is Matt Westfall, looking good on the track but didn't have a great weekend.
Tony Stewart trails Mike Fedorcak out of the corner.
Stick a fork in it, Donnie Adams Jr. is done for the night.
Quarter Midgets!




- After review of my visitor stats for the month of February I found this page recieved over 170 unique visitors over the last 24 days and I am always surprised guests to my
Race Ohio website still find these obscure pages that are buried deep in the archives and sometimes forgotten. After being shuffled around there are some things not quite
right on the page however of special note this web page was created after the May 6, 2006 World of Outlaw Late Model event held at Wayne County Speedway before a
standing room only crowd. Right away this tells me there must be a lot of interest in the upcoming $10,000 to win World of Outlaw event scheduled for Friday May 25th at
Wayne County Speedway and this look back is a reminder what a great place for a big race this really is!

There is no doubt in my mind those grandstands will be packed once again when the World of Outlaw Late Models return on that special date and very thankful WCS has a
new owner and team committed to bringing the old place back to the glory days we all remember best. Click the link below but first mark your calendar NOW for
Friday May 25 / Wayne County Speedway in Orrville Ohio and see Chub Frank and the World Of Outlaw Late Models back in action at the place that made them famous
right from the start.
RaceOhio.Com / World of Outlaws Late Model Series at Wayne County Speedway, May 6, 2006.

- At one time dirt track racing recieved the lions share of media attention as dozens of racing papers were publised weekly on both the national and local levels but I regret
that is no longer true and I fear a lot of history will be lost without news printed in an enduring form of media such as in the past. Well there is still one paper being published
that I read cover to cover every week and John Snyder pens one of my favorite columns titled "Soapbox" that can only be found inside the pages of Area Auto Racing News.

Mr. Snyder recently headlined a fact about the Chevrolet small block V/8 engine that I found fascinating that few people may know. The very engine that was concieved in 1952
and first made available to the public as a 265 cid 162 horse power Turbo Fire option in the 1955 Chevy Bel Air has reached a milestone 100 million units installed in passenger
cars and trucks in less than 60 years of production. Little has changed since the early design except the cubic inches and a possible 900 horsepower coaxed from a carburated
small block of today which raises the question, "Where would today's racing be had the Chevy small block V/8 never been invented?" Great story by John Snyder and I invite
my readers to pick up a copy of Area Auto Racing News at the race track or better yet subscribe today !