Im glad you're still following this because I have 2 more Modified races to arrange before I can move on. I've seen a few good mod races at different tracks but not until Hilltop has this class won me over, the racing has been fantastic.
Line 'em up and turn 'em loose !



Kevin Potts got a late start on Hilltop but definitely came to race when he did, kinda knocked one out of the park so to speak. Anthony Kincade got shuffled out of the picture kinda quick but I sure enjoyed seeing him in competition this year.
Brandon Morrow climbed out of a mini stock and into a first class Modified this year and was awesome !
What can I say about Jess Hartman except just try and keep up with him!



Ever hear the term " Blanket Racing" ? The fast dash was cut loose and you could literally throw a blanket over the front five as they pound into the far corners. Rory Reed, Tim Everhart, Kyle Brown, Norm Aronhalt, and Sam Lovejoy duke it out.



That's a lap or two with the best in the business, Kyle Brown was so excited by the time he crossed the flag stand I don't think he knew he won this race. Watch for Kyle to step up his operation for next year- the boys got talent !







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